Battle of Pratapgadis 1659 between Shivaji and Afzal Khan

The Battle of Pratapgadis regarded as one of his most important battles fought by Shivaji Maharaj. It had a major significance and vast contribution in the formation of great Maratha Empire. On 10thNovember 1659 AD, Shivaji Maharaj fought this major battle against Afzal Khan, a general of Sultan Adil Shahi of Bijapur at the Battle of Pratapgad near Satara of Maharashtra. The Adilshahi force had a large army, 3 times of Maratha troops. The Maratha Army demonstrated a brilliant war tactics and defeated the large Adilshahi forces. In this battle, Shivaji was assisted by Kanhoji Jedhe, Maral, Ramoji Dhamale, Silimkar and Bandal. Netaji Palkar commanded the cavalry of Shivaji .

Outcome: The Marathas defeated the large Adilshahi army, although Maratha had a smaller troop. It was a very significant victory for Shivaji Maharaj against a powerful opponent. Around five thousand Adilshahi soldiers were killed and many were injured. Maratha army also lost many of their soldiers. Maratha army captured the weapons, horses, other valuable assets which helped Shivaji Maharaj to strengthen the Maratha army. This victory boosted his moral and helped to envisage for a larger Empire. This victory transformed Shivaji Maharaj to a legendary leader among the people.

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